JustJared: Learn About The Giver Challenge’s New Theme – Pain (Exclusive!)

We’re just months away from The Giver taking over theaters everywhere and we’re counting down the weeks with The Giver Challenge.

Not familiar with it? We’ll give you the low down on it: The Giver Challengespans 16 weeks and every two weeks, citizens are presented with a different theme based on seven of the motifs from the book. The winners of the theme will be rewarded with unique and exciting trips and a $1000 donation to their selected charities.

Starting today, the new theme is PAINand the prize? A trip for two to Washington, D.C. with a tour of the monuments, plus $1,000 to your favorite participating charity. You don’t have to have already been participating to win. But, even if you don’t win the theme prize, you have the opp to win other things like Amazon gift cards.

And the end of the 16 weeks, there’s a massive grand prize for the winners of the entire challenge, and you’ll be up for $10,000 for you and $10,000 for your favorite charity. Nice!

Check out the official rules on the website and be sure to check out the recently released posters!


Source: JustJaredJr.