You may recall the outcry that erupted when the first trailer for The Giver, a long-gestating film adaptation of Lois Lowry’s seminal middle-grade dystopian novel, hit the internet in March. The main gripe from fans: The entire trailer was in bright, lurid color, even though The Giver takes place in a world ruled by “sameness” — there’s no real free will, no real individuality, and, most importantly, no color besides shades of gray, at least until the story’s protagonist begins to learn more about the world as it used to be.

A featurette released a few weeks later, however, revealed that at least some parts of the film were shot in black and white — and a new set of character posters appear mostly without color, minus a small strip that runs through the center of each image. The message: “We hear you, Giver fans.” Think this means they might reconsider that random spaceship too?

Check below for the full set of posters, featuring eight of the film’s major characters — including those played by Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, and, yes, Taylor Swift.

Brenton Thwaites as Jonas, a teenager selected by his homogenized, futuristic Community to serve as the next “Receiver of Memory.”


Bridges as the Community’s last Receiver of Memory, who serves as Jonas’s mentor — and tells the kid to call him The Giver.


Katie Holmes as Jonas’s unnamed mother, who works as a judge (in the book, at least).


Alexander Skarsgard as Jonas’s unnamed father, a Nurturer — meaning he’s responsible for taking care of the Community’s new babies. (All children are conceived via artificial insemination and born of designated Birth Mothers before being placed with Community families.)


Odeye Rush as Fiona, Jonas’s pal slash love interest. Note the color of her hair; it’ll be important for the quiz later.


Cameron Monaghan as Asher, Jonas’s pal slash not-love interest. (It’s noted in the books that he finds language precision difficult, so it’s kind of funny that his tagline isn’t properly punctuated.)


Meryl Streep as Big Bad Boss Lady, a.k.a. the Community’s Chief Elder. She is in a stadium, maybe? (Where the community’s yearly aging ceremonies take place?)


And finally, the one and only Taylor Swift as Rosemary, the last teen chosen to become the new Receiver of Memory. Spoiler: It didn’t go well. Perhaps her hair looks that way because it’s full of secrets.