Lately, there’s been a trend of splitting stories up into two movies: Harry PotterTwilight, and The Hunger Games all divided their final chapters into separate installments, and the Divergent series is planning on doing the same. So it’s quite a refreshing change when a director takes two films and puts them together into one.

In the first trailer for The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy meet and fall in love, but with slight differences in the details depending on whose point of view you see. Originally, writer/director Ned Benson crafted two films — subtitled Her and Him — that told the same story through the perspectives of both partners in a marriage. The two films originally premiered last fall at the Toronto Film Festival, but then Benson re-edited them into one complete piece called Them, which debuted at Cannes in May.

The single-film version will arrive in theaters on Sep. 26, and there are plans to release the individual movies later in the fall. Chastain, who also produced the film, told HitFix at Cannes that she’s happy that both edits will eventually see the light of day. “We have two different versions now,” Chastain said. “You get to choose what you want to see.”

Source: Yahoo