#1 – Paul Thomas Anderson

Though he’s released only five films over a 16-year career, Paul Thomas Anderson has risen from promising young whiz-kid to Hollywood royalty with barely a bump along the way. As the scope of his work has tightened – from the sprawling ensembles of Boogie Nights and Magnolia through the intimate duologue of Punch-Drunk Love to the all-consuming solipsism of There Will Be Blood – so his dedication to his craft has intensified, with his disdain for PR and celebrity marking him out as the most devout film-maker of his generation (as well as the owner of one of Wikipedia’s most glitz-free “personal life” sections). His upcoming film The Master, a controversial look at the birth of a cult not entirely dissimilar to the Church of Scientology, should make that title inarguable.

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Source: The Guardian