There’s been a steadily building hum around the Internet since February concerning the super-secret, sci-fi flick Apollo 18. Well, conspiracy theorists and found footage aficionados, now you have another helping to feast on. A second trailer for the film was released by Dimension films today. Intrigue! Government misdirection! Alien abductions and extraterrestrial possessions! That’s what looks to be in store for viewers when the film touches down in theaters this August. This latest trailer pinpoints the vessel’s secret moon landing to December 1974. We learn the astronauts were charged with a classified mission to test out an exterior motion camera on the lunar surface. Instead, they found the busted remains of a Russian cosmonaut’s helmet and what look like his tracks.

Check out the full trailer here.

With this new evidence comes the first revelation: The mission was a cover. Despite the efforts of HQ to shut down the mission and bring our boys home, the (literally) in-the-dark crewmen quickly realize they are not alone. That’s when the trailer picks up where the first spot left off, embracing its Paranormal Blair Witch in Space-field vibe.

So, movie buffs, are you drooling yet? Supposedly real-life astronaut Nate sure is as he takes a hammer to the shuttle’s surveillance system.