‘Hoodwinked’ brings back Saturday morning tradition

The Saturday morning premiere of the Weinstein Company’s “Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil” meant early rising for stars Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. But they arrived red-carpet ready at the Grove.

Since the film features Hansel and Gretel animated characters, Marin and Chong have their own ideas about what an edible house should be made of — and it’s not gingerbread. “Weed!” the two agreed.

Co-writer Cory Edwards said it was surreal to have Cheech and Chong on set. “I just hope they were substance-free when they recorded this children’s film,” he joked.

Also at the premiere were stars Martin Short, Heidi Klum, Patrick Warburton and David Alan Grier. They all loved working in a camera-free environment. As Grier put it, “You don’t have to shave.” said Grier.

But Marin find it a challenge, voicing the three little pigs with Chong. “It was a stretch for me,” he said. “I usually play a dog or a rat.”

Klum didn’t worry about her four kids not knowing which character she voices. “My character’s name is Heidi, so that’s a clue.”

“Hoodwinked Too!” opens April 29, the same day as the royal wedding. Producer Maurice Kanbar isn’t feeling competitive with Prince William and Kate Middleton. “We hope they live happily ever after, just like our movie,” he said.


Source: Variety