Exclusive: Kristin Scott Thomas searches for ‘Sarah’s Key’ in U.S. poster

Finally hitting U.S. theaters after a worldwide tour, “Sarah’s Key” is one of those rare international crowd pleasers (at least according to the critics and a high 7.4/10 recommend on IMDB) that could make some noise this summer on the art house circuit.

Debuting at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and based on the novel by Tatiana De Rosnay, the dramatic thriller finds Kristin Scott Thomas as Julia, a journalist who begins to investigating a series of events that occurred in her French home during WW II. Her research brings forth a painful secret to a family trying to put the war behind them.

The Weinstein Company have provided HitFix with the exclusive first look at the U.S. poster for the drama below.

“Sarah’s Key” opens in limited release on July 22.


Source: Hit Fix