There Will Be Megalomania

“The Master,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s imposing, confounding and altogether amazing new film, is partly concerned with the life and work of one Lancaster Dodd, leader of a therapeutic, quasi-religious cult known as the Cause. Dodd’s “process,” a stew of Freud, … READ MORE

Radiohead’s Guitarist Adapts To Life In Widescreen

Reviews of the new film The Master have ranged from acclaim to disdain. Almost all the critics, though, seem to admire the film’s music, composed by Jonny Greenwood. Greenwood’s story begins in the early 1990s, when he was playing the … READ MORE

Dazzling Drama About, and by, a ‘Master’

n one literally hypnotic passage of “The Master,” Philip Seymour Hoffman’s crackpot messiah, Lancaster Dodd, turns a now-classic technique of Scientology on Freddie Quell, a lost soul who has lurched into his clutches. He forbids Freddie, played by Joaquin Phoenix, … READ MORE

The Master Movie Review: A

The Master offers none of the awesome, convulsive ”I’m finished” climax of There Will Be Blood. Neither Lancaster Dodd, the crackpot-charismatic Pied Piper of self-actualization played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, nor Freddie Quell, the damaged, sozzled animal of a man … READ MORE

The Master – 5 Star Review

Paul Thomas Anderson is a film-maker from whom special things are expected, and that’s what he has given us – something special. This is Anderson’s meditation on the origins of Scientology and the career of L Ron Hubbard, and perhaps … READ MORE