UNDEFEATED: Enter to win a gift card to Sports Authority!

UNDEFEATED, the new documentary from the Weinstein Company, is the real deal. It’s one of those perfect, real life underdog sports stories that are only captured on film once in a long while (ala Hoop Dreams). It follows the hopes and dreams of the Manassas Tigers, an underfunded, underprivileged, innercity high school football team in Memphis, Tennessee. They’re so bad, in fact, that they’ve never won a playoff game in their 110 years of existence. Bill Courtney, their volunteer coach, hopes to turn that record around.

The film has heart, kids you come to care about, and the kind of 4th quarter, nail-biting football moments that only show up in fictionalized Hollywood films.

In celebration of the film opening this weekend, we’re giving away a $500 giftcard to Sports Authority. All you need to do to enter is share an inspiring sports moment. Maybe it was the time you scored the winning soccer goal in high school; perhaps it was when your child hit that homerun in little league; or maybe it was that incredible basketball game you watched on TV as a kid with your father. Whatever the moment, share it with us and tell us how it inspired you.

Click here to enter and make sure you leave a name and valid email address so we can contact you if you win! Oh, and check out the trailer for UNDEFEATED below!