TWC Employees talk MOVIES!

This month, we talk to Irwin Reiter, our beloved EVP of Accounting and Financial Reporting. We asked him questions about working for TWC, & his favorite movies and here’s what he had to say!

1. How long have you worked for The Weinstein Company?
I’ve worked for The Weinstein Company since October 2005 but with Bob and Harvey since July 1989.

2. What do you love about the movie industry?
I like working with some of the most intelligent , creative people in the entertainment industry.

3. What are your favorite TWC films?
“The King’s Speech” is my favorite film that everyone has seen and my favorite film that few people saw was “Control.” A major honorable mention goes to “Blue Valentine.”

4. What is your favorite scene in “The King’s Speech”?
Well, my favorite scene in “The Kings Speech” is when he speaks into the recording device with the music blasting and doesn’t realize how great a job he does and then when he puts it on at home and his wife is in the background with a tear in her eye listening to him speak…Very moving.

5. What is your favorite scene in “Control”?
Every scene where the lead actor Sam Riley is performing. I thought he was amazing.

6. What are your favorite non-TWC films?
Am I allowed to pick the first film when I started at Miramax? If so “sex, lies and videotape.” If not, I love “Airplane” which I still think is the best comedy ever. Honorable mentions to “Once,” “Breakfast Club” and “The Graduate.”

7. What is your favorite scene in “sex, lies, and videotape”?
“sex, lies and videotape” was great throughout ..every scene. The most memorable to me is when Andie MacDowell is being interviewed by her therapist and tries to answer the question as to what she likes about being married. She is brilliant in that scene trying to come up with whats good in her failed marriage.

8. What is your favorite scene in “The Graduate”?
When Dustin Hoffman comes to the wedding and stands above at the glass window looking down shouting “ELAINE! ELAINE!” to Katharine Ross and Katharine yells out “BEN!”

9. If you could be cast in a re-make of any film, which would it be?
I want to be the barfly in “sex, lies and videotape.” I love it when he says, “you’re wearing blue, I’m wearing blue. Is this some sort of weird coincidence?”

-Irwin Reiter, Executive Vice President Accounting and Financial Reporting