SUBMARINE – EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Richard Ayoade

This month, we chatted with SUBMARINE Director Richard Ayoade about colors, awkwardness, and Arctic Monkeys!

Q: There seems to be a lot of symbolism through colors – Jordana wears red (love & war), Zoe has a yellow bag (cowardice) and Graham wears black (mystery and evil). How much of that was intentional?

A: Different characters in the film tend to be associated with different colors and this was planned out before with my special crayons.

Q: Which side of Oliver do you see in yourself growing up?

A: We were both twelve for a year.

Q: Oliver’s character is a little bit awkward, as is your character on IT CROWD. How awkward are you in real life?

A: I am as awkward in real life as I am in my fictional life.

Q: You’ve directed Arctic Monkeys for some of their music videos and frontman Alex Turner is featured in the soundtrack for SUBMARINE. Was he the first person you thought of for the music?

A: Yes. Him and Andrew Hewitt who wrote the score.

Q: How are you as a director? Methodical and precise or open to everything – or a mixture of both?

A: I am incredibly violent.

Q: What was the mood like on set?

A: Terror (see above).

Q: How do you think the US audiences will receive SUBMARINE?

A: I think it will be the most popular film of all time.

-Richard Ayoade
SUBMARINE is in Theaters June 3rd!