SCRE4M – EXCLUSIVE Wes Craven Interview

This month, we ask questions to legendary director, Wes Craven!

a.  What was it like working with Bob Weinstein?
A dream.

b.  What’s your favorite part of the filming process?
Working with actors. That’s where the heart of the film is, in eliciting those performances.

c.  What was the mood like on set?
Iya (Labunka – our producer and my wife, too) and I run a relaxed set, with the understanding that everyone moves quickly, is well organized, and knows what they’re doing to a very high degree. Those things are givens coming in to the job. Our crew was wonderful, and I’d worked with many of them for years and years. DP Peter Deming AD Nick Mastandrea, composer Marco Beltrami, Sound Designer Todd Toon, Prop Master J.P. (Jones) have worked on all of the SCREAMS (as well as on MUSIC OF THE HEART) Our Steadicam operator goes back as far as THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS. So, it was friends and family having a great time working together.

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