SUBMARINE Exclusives & Tweets!

We are so excited about this summer’s SUBMARINE (In theaters June 3rd) that we are debuting THREE EXCLUSIVE new clips from the film. Director Richard Ayoade (star of Britain’s critically acclaimed ‘The IT Crowd’) is surely a filmmaker to watch. … READ MORE

SUBMARINE Giveaway – Create your own film!

How to enter the SUBMARINE GIVEAWAY! 1. Click on our JOIN tab and register your e-mail! 2. ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/weinsteinco 3. Click on our WEINSTEIN PROMOTIONS TAB 4. Fill out the form and click SUBMIT! Wait until … READ MORE

SUBMARINE – EXCLUSIVE Interview with Director Richard Ayoade

This month, we chatted with SUBMARINE Director Richard Ayoade about colors, awkwardness, and Arctic Monkeys! Q: There seems to be a lot of symbolism through colors – Jordana wears red (love & war), Zoe has a yellow bag (cowardice) and … READ MORE

TWC Employees talk MOVIES!

This month, we talk to Irwin Reiter, our beloved EVP of Accounting and Financial Reporting. We asked him questions about working for TWC, & his favorite movies and here’s what he had to say! 1. How long have you worked … READ MORE

SCRE4M – EXCLUSIVE Wes Craven Interview

This month, we ask questions to legendary director, Wes Craven! a.  What was it like working with Bob Weinstein? A dream. b.  What’s your favorite part of the filming process? Working with actors. That’s where the heart of the film … READ MORE