Like Super 8, this astringently funny coming-of-age odyssey from writer-director Richard Ayoade is set before the era of cellphone cameras. Submarine ups periscope on Oliver Tate (the hypnotically morose Craig Roberts), a 15-year-old Welsh fantasist who sees his life as … READ MORE

The great thing about Friday’s movie releases is not only is there a good movie to recommend, if you live in Los Angeles and New York there are three. For a majority of moviegoers, they’ll have the chance to enjoy … READ MORE

Several years ago Harvey Weinstein came across an obscure British television comedy called “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace” — an absurdist series that ran for just six episodes in 2004 before it was canceled. The show, set in the 1980s, was a … READ MORE

Can a moody coming-of-age film set in a bleak small town in Wales, whose owlish male protagonist is partly inspired by Taxi Driver‘s Travis Bickle, possibly make a dent in a season slammed with big-budget sequels? That is the question … READ MORE

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On a cold and rainy May 21, the Cinema Society screened Submarine, a sweet and funny Welsh film that hits all the right notes. Film aficionado that I am, I looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes before stepping out and … READ MORE

The Cinema Society & Altoids, with the Weinstein Company, hosted an intimate screening of Richard Ayoade’s wry coming of age romance “Submarine” last night in lower Manhattan. Executive producer Ben Stiller (left) showed up in support of Ayoade (right), introducing … READ MORE

Finally hitting U.S. theaters after a worldwide tour, “Sarah’s Key” is one of those rare international crowd pleasers (at least according to the critics and a high 7.4/10 recommend on IMDB) that could make some noise this summer on the … READ MORE

CANNES — “It’s incredible to be back at Cannes with this kind of line-up,” an ebullient Harvey Weinstein enthused as the Weinstein Co. threw an early evening cocktail bash Friday to bally-hoo its upcoming movies. Speaking to a crowded room … READ MORE

Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist, added to the Cannes competition at the last minute, is both a surefire crowdpleaser and a magnificent piece of film-making. Whatever else, this is also surely the most enjoyable contender for the Palme d’Or this year. … READ MORE