Character Will Be Revealed! We were asked by The Weinstein Company to exclusively debut this brand new official poster for Daniel Lindsay & T.J. Martin’s documentary Undefeated, one of the films nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards. Last … READ MORE

The year Michelle Williams spent preparing to play Marilyn Monroe for her Oscar-nominated turn in Simon Curtis’ “My Week With Marilyn” has taken on a mythos that seems appropriate given all the outsized legends that have surrounded the Hollywood icon … READ MORE

‘The Artist’s’ two stars talk

Originally, Michel Hazanavicius admits, “The Artist” wasn’t supposed to have a Hollywood happy ending. Au contraire. When the French writer-director first conceived his black-and-white tribute to the silent film, he was influenced by the sinister stylings of German Expressionist masters … READ MORE

French producer Thomas Langmann is as much of a hybrid as the film he is currently promoting: the silent, black-and-white The Artist, the Weinstein Co’s awards-season ode to Old Hollywood written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius and nominated for a … READ MORE

Meryl Streep: The Fresh Air Interview

Meryl Streep is known for completely enveloping herself in her characters, capturing their nuances, speech patterns and personalities. In her films, she’s transformed herself into such disparate people as the chef Julia Child, the writer Susan Orlean and plutonium-plant worker … READ MORE

In The Iron Lady, Oscar-nominated Meryl Streep embodies Margaret Thatcher so wholly that their physical resemblance, even in the prime minister’s younger years, appears to be achieved by spitfire alone. But if the actress takes home the Oscar for her … READ MORE

The Artist Exclusive Spot: Love Story

Exclusive The Artist Spot: Love Story Source:

The Weinstein Company and director Lee Hirsch announced today the change of their upcoming documentary,The Bully Project to Bully. “Bullying is not only a problem present in our classrooms, on our playgrounds, and online; it’s a ubiquitous and harrowing component … READ MORE

Meryl Streep Oscar Wait at 29 Years

It’s been twenty-nine years since Meryl Streep, 62, won the Oscar for “Sophie’s Choice” in 1983. Sure, she made her film debut in 1977 with “Julia,” then got her first nomination for one of my favorite films, “The Deer Hunter” … READ MORE

I was first attracted to being in the silent movie The Artist for the most unexpected reasons. Firstly, I love ideas that don’t usually get traction in Hollywood and this was certainly an idea that seemed like a risk. I … READ MORE