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IndieWIRE Movie Review: Submarine

We’ve all seen coming-of-age stories—plenty of them—so when a new one comes along that seems fresh and novel, that’s reason to cheer. The new British import Submarine is just such a film, based on a prize-winning novel by Joe Dunthorne … READ MORE

Inside every high schooler unspools the official film of their life. Or so says “Submarine,” a charming indie that combines dreamy aspiration with mucky, hilarious reality. Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) is a glum 15-year-old in Wales who narrates his story … READ MORE

Like Super 8, this astringently funny coming-of-age odyssey from writer-director Richard Ayoade is set before the era of cellphone cameras. Submarine ups periscope on Oliver Tate (the hypnotically morose Craig Roberts), a 15-year-old Welsh fantasist who sees his life as … READ MORE

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