Once again, a new decade has brought a wave of impressive new acting talent to moviegoers and the media’s attention. Chris Hemsworth already has “Thor” under his belt with the increasingly hyped “Cabin in the Woods” already in the can. … READ MORE

Michael Myers is heading back to the big screen in 2012. Box Office Mojo reports that Dimension Films has chosen October 26, 2012 as the release date for the next HALLOWEEN movie. Rob Zombie helmed the HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II … READ MORE

The Weinstein Company has assigned release dates to seven pics, including the postponed third installment of “Halloween 3D.” This year’s releases include “The Iron Lady” (Dec. 16); Ralph Fiennes’ directorial debut “Coriolanus” (Dec. 2); “My Week With Marilyn” (Nov. 4); … READ MORE

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This month, we chat with our amazing Sales Manager for Six Branches, and the former MOTION PICTURE CLUB President, David Youngstein! What are some of his favorite TWC and non-TWC films? Find out below! How long have you worked for … READ MORE

We speak to Kristin Scott Thomas about the making of SARAH’S KEY, why she chose to discover moments as her character, and working with such a talented cast! What made you want to take part in this adventure? I met … READ MORE

The Weinstein Co. has set a Christmas Day 2012 release date for Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” pitting the controversial pic against the second frame of Disney’s wholesome “Lone Ranger.” “Django” centers on a slave-turned-bounty hunter on a mission to rescue … READ MORE

“Submarine,” the first feature film from English TV actor Richard Ayoade, reflects the influence of Gen X auteur Wes Anderson, with its quirky characters, episodic narrative style, and a stubborn and conspicuous refusal to engage with modernity. The film charts … READ MORE

Paul Rudd is so nice, it’s stupid. Quite literally. The veteran funnyman features in this new trailer for his upcoming druggy, feel good comedy, “Our Idiot Brother.” Rudd plays Ned, a naive and sweetly destructive uber-hippie who sells marijuana to … READ MORE

Oh, Paul Rudd. You so crazy. After recently getting a hold of the first trailer for Paul Rudd’s latest starring vehicle, we now exclusively have ourselves the debut poster for the Sundance favorite, ‘Our Idiot Brother.’ As the titular ‘Idiot … READ MORE