EXCLUSIVE: In between all the superhero spectacles today at San Diego Comic Con, Quentin Tarantino and his The Hateful Eight cast barnstormed into Hall H to show seven minutes of throwback filmmaking, harkening back to the way moviegoers saw films. It’s … READ MORE

In Southpaw, Rachel McAdams plays a fierce mother, alongside co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. In fact, she’s so fierce that McAdams even did some of the boxing scenes herself. “Maureen’s kind of tiger mom a little bit,” McAdams says in a featurette … READ MORE

    The Harvey Weinstein-produced musical adaptation of “Finding Neverland” took flight in its first Broadway preview last week, selling out the house and posting the kind of box office that, if it continued for a whole week of performances, would … READ MORE

Walter Isaacson is the former chairman of CNN and onetime managing editor of Time magazine. He also is an author and knows a thing or two about game-changing subjects like The Imitation Game‘s Alan Turing, having penned the Steve Jobs biography that is becoming a movie … READ MORE

I sadly never had the opportunity to meet my uncle, Alan Turing. We share some very basic similarities — we both attended Sherborne and King’s College, Cambridge, both have an affinity for mathematics, both have ties to Bletchley Park — … READ MORE

By Harvey Weinstein Big Eyes is the story of a husband and a wife, and a defining moment in history where art and commercialism intersected for the first time. Before there was Warhol, there was Margaret and Walter Keane. Walter, … READ MORE

  The Imitation Game, The Weinstein Co.’s film about British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing, had a good week in the awards race, landing three SAG award nominations and five Golden Globes nominations. Star Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the … READ MORE

Bill Murray shines in this tale of an old coot who softens up.. BY Peter Travers   |   October 24, 2014 An aging, hard-drinking hardass gets reformed by the sweet innocence of the kid next door. I know, I wanted to gag too. But hold on. St. … READ MORE

One of the obvious benefits to making a biopic about a famous painter: getting to use that artist’s work for your movie poster. There’s no mistaking the distinct creations of Margaret Keane, whose oil paintings are characterized by waifs with … READ MORE

We’re already excited for Bill Murray‘s new comedy, St. Vincent, and this exclusive new poster encapsulates everything potentially great about it. Noami Watts is looking out of her element behind the wheel, Murray is just cruisin’ with some elderly person glasses on, … READ MORE